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From Scars to Smiles

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From Scars to Smiles

“Be the best version of yourself.” We all like to put our true self forward – but, when something unexpected happens to your face, we’re challenged to feel our best.  I’m Becca, and I had developed a sudden illness, which ultimately lead to severe scarring, across my nose and around my upper lip. Every day, I had caked on makeup, but I knew I needed to find a better solution to minimize the scarring. This is my Microdermabrasion story.

My luck turned when I had landed a position at The Woodhouse Day Spa Buffalo. As I got to know the estheticians, Dara calmly said “I think we can help you.”

And, the results after just TWO sessions of microdermabrasion were far beyond my expectations. For anyone dealing with scars, pitting, acne, wrinkles, or other problem skin conditions, I’d totally recommend microderm treatments. It changed my life, and the treatments restored my confidence.


Week 1:

When Dara told me she could help with the scarring on my face, I had mixed emotions. I did not know what microdermabrasion was, or, more importantly, how my skin would react. I have sensitive skin, so I was nervous the treatment would be too abrasive. Dara described how different microderm tips could be used for different problem areas. The tip felt like a vacuum on my face, but it didn’t hurt. She finished the first treatment with organic seaweed- based VOYA products.


Week 2:

After seeing results so quickly, I was excited for my second microderm treatment. Dara and I decided to be a bit more aggressive and use diamond tips for better, faster results. Dara is amazing—she fully explained the entire process and made sure I was comfortable throughout. We used all VOYA products again. They’re not only organic, but they’re fantastic for sensitive or redness-prone skin.”


Week 3:

This session was a little more aggressive, as the scars are quite deep. There was some discomfort, especially around the eye area, and a little more redness, which dissipated within an hour. The next day, my skin was the brightest it has ever been. Actually, I left my house to run errands and I confidently wore just mascara and brow gel! That’s the first time-I hadn’t plastered on foundation- in about 6 months. The second half of the   treatments will now be 21 days apart. These treatments will smooth over any remaining scarring, and allow my skin to better absorb products. My experience was life-changing. The Woodhouse Day Spa has an array of services to allow your best self to shine, too!

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